You’ve just spoken up. You’ve spoken a truth for you. You’ve shared your feelings with honesty and integrity. You’ve shared from your heart. It was maybe a bit scary and equally freeing, and you did it. If you spoke that with someone else, maybe it gave them permission to do the same. Growth can look like this. 

Something you’ve been focused on has been set free. A weight has been lifted and you feel like you can breathe. Growth can feel like this. 

So why then, some time after, do you feel like crap. Growth can sometimes feel like this too. That voice in your head when you see the other person struggle with what you just shared? The voice that starts saying I shouldn’t have, I wish I had stayed quiet now, I could have should have would have …..

That voice is coming from a well of old beliefs and pain. The one that told you for years that you’re not enough or that you’re less than, or the one that never knew a healthy boundary or what healthy love looks like. 

When you speak from a place of love and worthiness, you’re creating new boundaries and reinforcing that new place of I am enough. Doubt will creep in. The should have would haves will creep in. Growth. 

Take a breath. Hands on heart. I am enough. I am worthy of speaking my truth. I hear others truth as well. I balance the two in my seat of worthiness. Breathe. Bring love in. Hold on to the space of bravery and knowing of your worth. 

Be easy on you. Sometimes you will rise and fall in one moment. 

Growth, is a dance, not a light switch.