Part time boundary setter 

I’ve been discussing and focusing on boundaries a lot lately. I know it’s something I can still struggle with at times, and have struggled with most of my life. Wanting to not hurt others but also not wanting to be hurt or be treated badly by others. 

When you’ve been through betrayal, trauma, or just simply have not been taught or shown, boundary setting is hard! I went super hard at it when I first got a taste and kinda went too far! Then I pulled back and kinda went too far the other way lol. Put boundaries in but be firm but nice and loving and kind but speak up and don’t be afraid to be fierce! It got confusing!

Even with all the above I kept working on setting healthy boundaries, I’d fall 7 times and get back up the 8th. Having a chat with a friend today I realised I’ve been in the land of part time boundaries. And I’ve now stepped in to it being full time. And it feels great!! It’s uncomfortable here and there but so damn good for me!! 

Remember, boundaries aren’t for others, THEY ARE FOR YOU. They are to protect your “good feeling emotions”. This is the gift of healing. It helps you know your worth, your values, your light, and gives you the voice to speak what’s needed for inner peace and a healthy life. I cannot stress enough, you have to know your values and your worth for your boundaries to be known to you, to put them in place. 

As Gabby Bernstein says here:

I am kind and loving toward others while creating CLEAR BOUNDARIES that protect my good feeling emotions.