Hi, I’m Adele!

I consider myself lucky to love what I do, and get to do it pretty much every day! I’ve been doing this officially since 2019 (it took me a while to hang a shingle on my door – I’m introverted need I say more hahaa) and I know it can be hard to know who you want to see sometimes so….

I’ll tell you a little about myself and with that, share my qualifications with you too:

  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Masters of Holistic Counselling – Mast.Hol.Couns.(MBEd)
  • Diploma of Meditation – Dip.Med (MBEd)
  • Masters of Empowerment Coaching – Mast.Emp.Coach.(MBEd)
  • Member of International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Member of The International Meditation Teachers & Therapists Assocation (IMTTA)
  • Fully insured and registered business owner

Other things about me….

The early 2000’s instilled a passion for health and well-being and the holistic approach to life. Although my curious nature began looking into things sooner than that, this is when I began exploring the idea of mind, body, spirit wellness. I sought out many healing modalities, read countless books – soooo many books haha – and found trusted mentors to share their wisdom and knowledge to enhance my own healing and life experiences. I am passionate about happiness and living a life filled with peace and joy. I love spending time with my family and friends, and being in nature is my all-time favourite thing.

A wonderful mentor I had, taught me that whenever I was looking outside of myself, was when I needed to be looking within. But it made me uncomfortable until I did a lot of healing. With that came the truth that I could always go within to find my answers, and eventually trust in it – and myself. I got to tap into my enoughness and it felt great! This is what I love to help people discover about themselves too.

Supporting you with the everyday to life changing events, the inner critic, dealing with past hurts and trauma, grief, loss, stress, feeling lost, health issues, chronic fatigue, uncertainty, carrying pain – physical and within, menopause, empty nest…no matter what it is. My goal is to assist you to find answers, to grow and get to know yourself on a deeper level; to provide a safe space where you are free to be yourself and be heard; to share helpful tools and knowledge to help you understand what’s going on, the why’s and the how to’s, including how to let go of the things holding you back.

It’s a privilege for me to give back a little of what I have been given, and to share all the things that Reiki, Energy healing and Spirituality, Holistic Counselling and Meditation can give. De-mystify the mysterious and find your way back to you, so you can hear your voice the loudest and trust yourself the most. Allow yourself to be still for just a moment, take a breath, and relax into the softness of life.