If you knew me yesterday

The other day I walked past someone I used to know many years ago … she kinda looked at me funny and it got me thinking.

Growth happens on the inside where no one can see you do it. Days or years go by and someone from your past may recognise you from the outside, but they’ll remember the you you used to be. They can’t see the growth and changes just from a quick glance. And neither can you for them.

There’s a saying “if you knew me yesterday, you don’t know me anymore. I grow daily”. While parts of us may stay the same, enough for someone to recognise us or say you haven’t changed a bit, there’ll be so much more growth that’s happened that the person they used to know, no longer exists.

We all have parts of our lives where we wish we knew what we know now. Where we may have interacted with someone in a way we never would today. So let the person you used to know look at you funny while you wave hello. Maybe your connection back then wasn’t so great? Maybe you weren’t healed enough to be present, kind, tolerant etc. Maybe they weren’t either and they’re wondering why you’re waving at them.

If you have a moment like that, send love and kindness to that version of you, to that version of them and to who you both are now. Love finds a way to make peace where words can’t always be spoken. Grace, humility and truth. Then let go so the you you’ve become and are becoming can always continue to grow.