Surrender vs Giving Up

I don’t know about you but sometimes I “have a moment”. I think we all have them. And when I have my well earned pity party (**see below) – I sometimes hear myself speak the words, I give up. Because that’s what you blurt out when you’re overcome with all the emotions at once/major event is happening/you’re menopausal/struggling/crying/life is feeling hard. It all feels too big and maybe you’re spiralling and, “it’s too hard I give up” finds it’s way past your conscious gates of wisdom.

And then maybe one of those words finds its way to the more present part of you, and you quickly catch yourself and say out loud, “I don’t give up but I sure do surrender”. Last time it happened to me I surrendered to what was and is, to all the pain I was feeling, real and imagined, and gave it my full attention. And I just sat there. And gave it a voice.

And acceptance came. Then peace. Then that feeling of being fully here, fully present, lighter and determined. Then the toolbox full of life’s wisdom shone brighter and I picked the one for that moment. And there I was. I noticed it lasted a few hours at most.. a few hours out of 24. And gently gently I treaded softly for a little while after.

I call these moments the gift of the pity party and the gift of surrender. Because neither is giving up. They are both incredible tools for navigating difficult times and finding the light on your path where you step sure footed in your life.

And for those who don’t know what a pity party is:
A pity party is where no one is invited but you. It’s a moment where you allow yourself to wallow in all your pain but, only for a moment. It’s a party after all. A start and end time so life goes back to being full of potential after it

I wish all of us moments of surrender, where we can find our inner strength and wisdom once more, to step so damn bravely into a world that can feel so damn hard at times. It helps us find those beautiful glimmers, those bountiful gifts of all the good life has to offer too.

🍂Artwork by Brendan Monroe