“I just want to feel better. I want peace. I want to know who I am without this pain”. These are the words I spoke to my mentor 20 years ago. He looked me in the eyes and said “I can help you with that, but you’ll need to work hard. You’ll want to quit but that’s when the magic starts to happen”. I sure did want to quit, more times than I can count!

Healing IS a choice. You choose it over and over again. Shifts happen all the time. Life happens every day. As the saying goes healing is not linear. It moves with you. As you learn, grow, experience life, healing grows with you.

Healing doesn’t mean perfection. It doesn’t always mean free of physical conditions either – it can, but not always. Healing is the soul work. It’s knowing who you are, loving all the parts of you, feeling grounded and feeling inner peace.

Keep making the choice. It’s so worth it. You’re worth it 🌻