What a ride. Some breeze through it, some feel like every cell in their mind and body is changing – cause it kinda is!

It can happen early or late, and it can happen naturally or due to health reasons, much earlier than expected. 

I guess this post is for those who are struggling through it. Who don’t find it easy. Who feel it or felt it all the way back at peri menopause as early as your late 30’s! It’s for people like me. 

Sudden changes in emotion. Past wounds rearing their heads saying, pay attention to me! Feeling way more emotional than normal, either more teary, more irritable, less tolerant. Physical changes like weight gain, low energy, bloating, hot flushes, feeling flu like, fluid retention, headaches, brain fog, body shape changes, sore joints and the list goes on and on and on….

I experienced all the above and more, as most of you have as well. There’s a lot going on! 

As our body sheds what it no longer needs, so do we in our heart and soul. This is an empowering time. This is a time if you choose to, to really feel into what’s surfacing for you. To support yourself through one of the biggest unavoidable changes and embrace it. 

It’s such a personal time! For some they rejoice in the freedom of no more periods. For some there will be grief at the loss of no more periods and all that represents. Most of us will feel both, I know I did. 

For me, so many emotions and physical changes happened, I put my hand up and got support. I went within and used my knowledge with Reiki and meditation and counselling. But. We can’t always see ourselves clearly. So when I couldn’t see my way through it on my own, I reached out. 

I googled, yep, there’s so much amazing info out there! I spoke with my doctor. I saved up and saw a naturopath. I saw my own reiki and counselling person and spoke about all I was feeling. I tried potions and products and diets etc. I embraced my cranky and furious stages and equally embraced my softening, my grief, my emerging heartache at things I hadn’t voiced enough. I got to know myself really well. And I really embraced my joy, my worth, my potential and my creativity. 

I used meditation A LOT and journaling and movement and nature and sound and energy healing. 

I acknowledged the privilege to go through this and be aging, as I honoured and remembered some incredible friends I’ve lost along the way who didn’t make it this far. 

I gave myself permission to really be present through this experience, warts and all. The good, the bad and the ugly lol. I talked openly with my friends so I and we, felt less alone with the experience and heard lots of omg me too! What have you tried etc? Women, when we choose to, are each others greatest support! 

Mostly, I felt it, accepted it, embraced it, loved it, supported it,released it, sat with it, saw it, buckled up and had the ride of my life. Because “it”, is ME.