Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better – Maya Angelou

Doing inner work is a wonderful gift!!! When you put the effort in and make those changes, life is just, different.

One thing I’ve noticed and I’ve seen it happen with others as well, you find yourself seeing things not just in yourself, but also in people or relationships you may not have noticed before. When you remove old habits or beliefs, when you are healing from those inner wounds, you’re implementing new beliefs within yourself – AND within your existing relationships!!

If you find yourself noticing a behaviour within a friendship or relationship that was based on the old you, here’s some things to remember. One is, don’t be hard on yourself when you realise you’ve been or done things the new you would never allow, it’s gonna be a process to unravel what was to what is!

Next thing is, just as it has taken time for you to change those things in you, it will take a little time for those changes to flow on into your relationships. Those around you are getting to know and love this healthier version of you. They too, are doing their best until they know better.

With understanding and love, just as you took time to “know better then do better”, do your best to give those you love a chance to do the same while they meet the healed version of you 🤍