Let’s talk procrastination and purpose!

Procrastination is something I think we all fall prey to sometimes. I know at differing times I have been known to be extremely good at it😉

Some of the reasons we procrastinate can be:
•we lose our vision
•we haven’t figured out our why (super important)
•we get lost in the steps we need to take
•we have lost that purposeful feeling

So how do you find your purposeful feeling?

One of my mentors once said to me: “walk through life feeling purposeful instead of looking for a purpose”.

A few things that help you feel purposeful can be:
•self awareness – aligning your life with what you care about
•discovery – knowing who you are, your interests and what you care about, your passion in life
•knowing your why- your reasons for doing what you’re doing
•making a difference or acts of kindness

Ask yourself, what’s my why and what feeds my feelings of purpose? Kick procrastinations butt!!