How to Let Go

I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of posts lately, all referring to or having similar themes such as – letting go, moving on, uncomfortable growth, changes in jobs/relationships/health/wealth, unexpected difficulties or loss etc etc. 

So when I saw this really well worded explanation of “how to let go” (thanks ASHC for posting it!), I thought I’d share it for anyone who’s experiencing this current phase of growth and change in their life. 

Some say it’s part of the full moon, others say it’s a shift in universal and cosmic energy. I say whatever it is, honestly, it’s been a bit challenging!! 

Change is universal. Growth is universal. We are meant to evolve! Sometimes it’s absolutely joyous!  And sometimes it comes out of the blue and we need a bit of help letting it all go so we can find the joy we are so deserving to feel. 

Have a read and let it land where it needs and help you let go of what is weighing heavy in your heart and soul. 

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